About us

We never use microwave, hydrogenated fats instead we do it in the old fashion, proper way using use real quality ingredients straight from producer where possible like Irish butter or cold pressed rapeseed oil (not sprayed with herbicides), real vanilla pods etc. We make cakes gluten free yet still with amazing taste and from natural ingredients where possible.

In July 2013 I have been diagnosed with gluten intolerance. Imagine being a pastry chef all your life and in 1 second you realize you can't eat anything you've been doing all your life. I had to switch my diet like as many other people to gluten free. I never expected it will happen to me and that it will be so challenging to find any decent gluten free products out there.

Whenever I went to any cafe, pub, restaurant or hotel in Dublin asking for tasty gluten free treats I either got nothing or tasteless, dry, expensive and very limited choice of cakes.
When I asked owner or manager of such place why they don't have anything decent at decent price I always heard something along this line:

- We just can't get anything decent at decent price! We can't produce them ourselves as we would need a separate kitchen for that. We searched everywhere but there is no one producing gluten free cakes and bread that is tasty and affordable, I am sorry for that…

As a pastry chef I decided to change that and solve this problem. I wanted to make gluten free products that are taste amazing yet are still affordable no matter what and bring back joy to gluten intolerant's and coeliac's life.

Tastiness and affordability became the two core values of the cakes development which I started in December 2013. The journey to create those products was the biggest challenge of my life. After hundreds of tests and crying over the cakes I wanted to quit several times. I didn't expect it will be that difficult.

After 3 years of constant & painful development and then customers validation we finally arrived with range of excellent products that I am presenting in my offer.

We've made a blind tests comparing our cakes to high end traditional ones on a group of 37 people that can eat regular traditional cakes to make sure we got the highest quality. We never said a word about the cakes but just asked to taste.

Responses where very similar but one I remember very well from Patrick O'Rourke from Donnybrook:

- could you please try this brownie and then the other one and tell us what you think (he tasted)
- they taste very similar but I would probably go for this one (pointing our gf brownie)
- great, thanks so much for your feedback. Now, this brownie is actually gluten free…
- No way! I tasted gluten free before as my wife is coeliac and the cakes she's eating from time to time are awful. You sure this brownie is gluten free, are you not messing with me?
- Yes, it is, here is the HSE certificate to confirm that (showing the certificate)
- Man, I have no clue how you've done that but it's excellent! Where can I get your products?…

Please enjoy quality and value at online shop or contact us regarding your special order through contact page. Adam Rajba